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World Of Matter: Provisões

This book grew out of initial meetings at Gasworks London and the Institute for Critical Theory of the Zurich University for the Arts in 2010 and 2011, that launched the research project Supply Lines, an initiative of international artists and theorists, later called World of Matter. 

Provisões, organized by Mabe Bethônico and held at the Museu de Arte da Pampulha in Belo Horizonte in April 2012, was the first World of Matter event to publicly present the collective research in progress. The event was conceived as a visual International Conference, which included speakers and practitioners from the Brazilian research community, which were also invited to contribute to the publication. In addition to a local artist and intellectual community, a number of faculty members and many students of the University of Minas Gerais attended the conference and participated in the discussion. 

[2012] Provisões: Uma conferência visual. 

Editor: Mabe Bethônico. 

Publisher: Instituto Cidades Criativas.

Language: Portuguese and English. 

295 pages.

Size: 16 x 23.5

ISBN: 9 788561 659240

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