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Let It Out/ Out-Let

[Written Works And Inscriptions]

Exhibition organised by Mabe Bethônico, gathering works dealing with written and spoken words. Evolving from the visual representation of language, the show included printed, drawn, filmed, photographed or installed text and sound pieces. The exhibition presented a number of works by Mabe Bethônico from different epochs and medias. Avoiding the idea of a retrospective, the works were put in relation to other voices and anchored dialogues with other artists. Part of the show was the launch of the book How Mabe Bethônico travelled the Caatinga […], with reading and projection.

“The work of Waltercio Caldas brings a suspended word in a sculpture in steel, its projection is seen as a shadow. A group of figurative prints by Paulo Roberto Lisboa contains a type of scribble, and his inscribed titles refer to stories. A new project by Daniel Bilac evokes recent protests in Belo Horizonte in enormous typographic fonts. Suzana Bastos inscribes a word on marble, fix as a tombstone, while Rochelle Costi disposes of provisory texts as photographic pretexts. Literary quotations are in the centre of drawings by Liliane Dardot and in the photographic series by João Castilho, which stresses the issue of translation. Castilho also proposes a Manifest about photography, while Nuno Ramos fictionalizes processes in two installations and books with essays and short stories. In one of the pieces, Ramos constructs a text in Braille, composed in great scale, emphasizing the visuality of this tactile system. Nazareno writes and draws compositions as fragmented stories and also shows narratives. Daniel Escobar announces in an electronic placard and reproduces lottery systems in embroidery. He also appropriates of printed material, using books to reveal illustrations as complex narratives, while Isaura Pena draws guidelines as if to receive writing between its lines, she writes structures for texts.” [Release material, M.B.].

[2014–15] "Let it Out/ Out-Let: Obras escritas e inscrições de história". Mabe Bethônico with Suzana Bastos, Daniel Bilac, Waltercio Caldas, João Castilho, Rochelle Costi, Liliane Dardot, Daniel Escobar, Paulo Roberto Lisboa, Nazareno, Isaura Pena, Nuno Ramos. Galeria Celma Albuquerque, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

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