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Wanda Svevo Archive Campaign

The Campanha Wanda Svevo [Wanda Svevo Archive Campaign] consisted of a set of initiatives for the 27th Bienal de São Paulo. It looked at Fundação Bienal in terms of its relationship with its own history and the city of São Paulo, as well as its relationship with the audience. The work was developed by taking an initial question — How the audience is represented in the Bienal’s archive? — and noting the former’s absence “except when [people] are shown around a work that is being photographed.” By problematizing art-biennials’ visitors and those using its archive for research purposes, the Campaign enabled dialogue with the institution while at the same time providing it with information about its audience. Through different initiatives, the work lent visibility to the Wanda Svevo Archive, which occupies a key area of the building and constitutes the only material heritage in the Foundation’s history.

With the piece In Order, it is presented a graphic history of the relation and dialogue between Venice and São Paulo Biennials. By placing side by side in chronological sequence the catalogues of each edition of both institutions, we read their partnership and coordination, while observing their investments in registering the events in printed form. 

Lists of questions addressed by the public when calling the archive and when arriving at the Bienal during its events were collected, observing expectations and demands. The lists were updated throughout the event, building FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions. Some questions addressed at the entry were: Is the entrance this way? What is happening here? Is this the Book Biennial? Do I need an invitation to get in? How much is the entrance fee? Is it open every day? Can I bring a bag in? Can I speak to the curator? Questions addressed to the archive: Are we allowed to take photographs? Is there a scanner in there? Can I scan images with my mini scanner? Are there images of past biennials, of the public and personalities? Would you have any text on the history of the Biennial? Etc. 

[2006–] INSTALLATION: list of Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs [vinyl applied on wall]; museumuseu Newsletter n. 1; "In Order": comparative historical chart made with catalogues from São Paulo and Venice biennials from the Wanda Svevo Archive [paper covers, Perspex spacers, vinyl signalling]; "Wanda Svevo Campaign": series of 11 posters [in collaboration with Jônio Bethônico]; location maps; guided-visit program. 

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