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Strategies Of Failure

This was a two-day public event comprising of 25 talks and performances, organised collectively and derived from discussions around the issue of Failure. Gathering interlocutors from different areas of knowledge at the Museu de Arte da Pampulha, the event approached failure as constituent element for reflection and materialisation, taken from a critical perspective in contemporary art and theory.

The project resulted from a one-year postgraduate discipline at the Fine Art School of UFMG, called Laboratory of dialogue as practice, offered by Mabe Bethônico. The working group elaborated its core discussions and connected collaborators and guests. Smaller events took place along the year of work, staged in different venues.

[2009] Coordination: Mabe Bethônico

Organisation: Mabe Bethônico and Alexandre Sequeira, Angélica Oliveira, Camila da Mata, Camila Ferreira, Ines Linke, João Castilho, Marco Antonio Mota. 

Guests: Francisco Magalhães (artist, director of Museu Mineiro), Clarissa Alcântara (artist), Wellington Cançado e Renata Marquez (arquitect/ UFMG), Paulo Nazareth (artist), Helton Adverse (philosopher/ UFMG), Luis Alberto Brandão (writer/ UFMG), Luzia Gontijo (Coordinator at Guignard/ UEMG), Maria Esther Maciel (writer/ UFMG), Marta Neves (artist), Rodrigo Duarte (philosopher/ UFMG).

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