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This book illustrates the story of anonymity in contrast with one of the most known narratives related to the integration of a foreigner artwork in the context of Brazilian art. It deals with the trajectory of painter T.S., passionate about Brazil, in contrast with the famous case of Unidade Tripartida by Max Bill, which received the acquisition prize in the 1st São Paulo Biennial, with the reluctance of the artist in leaving it in Brazil.

Taking as a point of tangency the fact that both artists were Swiss, the book connects opposite directions to illustrate incidental situations, which diverge the possibilities between remembering and forgetting.

The book documents T.S.’s career by reproducing images from catalogues, news and photographs, but every time the name of the artist is mentioned it is covered in white. Not in black, for censorship, but white as the lack of information. More than attending the need to rescue the existence of an artist neglected by the art system, the book is about an accumulation of incidents, detours, limitations, lacks or choices, which can converge to the disappearance of the public image. 

(Extract from review written by Denise Gadelha, published in Zoom Magasine, 18/12/2017: Best Brazilian Photo Books, 2017).


Author: Mabe Bethônico

Publisher: Ikrek

Language: Portuguese and English 

Pages: 128

Size: 16 x 23.5

Binding: Hardcover

ISBN: 9788567769127

500 numbered copies

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