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Archive In Dialogue

Invited by the Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo to activate the archives of the institution, this project was made collaboratively with Joerg Bader, artist and curator. The resulting work was an exhibition with two films. For the construction of Juparassu, the fiction A noiva da casa azul [The bride from the blue house], by Murilo Rubião was a starting point to selecting photos from the museum’s collection. An interpretation of the text is narrated and put in relation to images, which barely illustrate the text and often diverge from its lines. In this short story the changing landscape during the character’s travel is related to the loss of memory and the impossibility of capturing time. In the fantastic realism of a sudden failed meeting. We recognize what an archive may be, the illusion that materials can contain the presence of something unachievable as the past. 

In Por Causa de um Beijo [Because of a Kiss], images were selected from the television and cinema photo collection and dialogues were written entirely with titles of films existing in the museum. The intonation of the actors reading the text is a fight against the lack of sense, the difficulty of making titles sound like conversation lines. Within its theatricality, it is a reflection on how accumulated documents meet, in systems that are hardly defining them.

[2010] "Juparassu" [video, 8’]. "Because of a Kiss" [video, 7’]. Edited by Giuliano Scandiuzzi. Audio: Jalver Bethônico. Voice: Marco Nepomuceno and Thaís Araújo. Images from the photo archive of MIS-SP.

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