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The structure/project museumuseu [museummuseum] is rooted in a navigable scheme in Website format. A number of projects are connected to the questions posed in the structure, which may be used as a guide for a history of the artist’s production: activating and constructing archives, building or reorganizing collections, and conceiving institutions to incorporate collections and allow their visibility. 

This imaginary space in the form of annotation is imbued with study issues that constitute a literary domain, pointing to a spectrum of narrativity. It is mostly formed by works in which processes and characters are narrated, or contexts are identified, in addition to the incorporation or construction of sets of visual elements. 

The digital manuscript indicates a provisional condition, ready for erasures or additions. Its design allows constant transformation, related to initiatives taking place both on the Internet and in display or spatial formats, installations and publications. New elements or ramifications may be brought in at any time to modify the whole.

The updating of museumuseu’s Website has been on hold since 2009, but its structure — as a kind of indicative layout — may cover all Mabe Bethônico’s subsequent production and could incorporate more recent researches, works, and actions. Since 2013, the project Museum of Public Concerns has incorporated some of the works comprising museumuseu.

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