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Collections Within The Collection

The project comprised two installations commissioned in 2004 by Museu de Arte da Pampulha in Belo Horizonte [Brazil]. In Maiores e Menores Formatos, a surface was painted in the wall the same size as the largest and smallest original works from each media kept in the museum’s collection —  painting, drawing, sculpture, tapestry, print and photography. At the center of each shadow, a description of the work was reproduced from its records. Well-detailed descriptions of older artworks contrast with references of works more recently acquired and described only briefly. The collection is observed from its physical aspects and its institutional history.

The installation Collection of Titles from the Collection is an organization by theme of all work titles within the museum. Forming a classified vocabulary of titles, proposed categories were Landscape, People, Religious, Feminine, Numeric, Geometric, etc. These grouped words in lists not necessarily corresponding to the images depicted in the art works themselves.

[2004] Two installations: "Collection of Titles Within the Collection" [vinyl and paint on wall, 10 meters long]; "Largest and Smallest Formats" [vinyl and paint on wall, 15 meters long].

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