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Luciana was developed from researching at Cemig, the electricity company of Belo Horizonte. From a speculation on the issue of light as a theme, it comprised of a magazine, a series of lectures and an installation. 

The magazine Luciana contains a collection of texts by invited specialists, real and fictional, who collaborated by writing on a diversity of aspects of light. Light was approached from different meanings, looking at various possibilities of the word, except the electrical light: Illuminism, Lumière Brothers, Saint Luzia, comics’ heroes who have light as their power, inner light and shadow, fireflies, etc. The keywords arrived from photographing books in the library of the company. Within technical volumes, with no room for fictional literature and leisure, the dictionaries revealed us a world of poetic meanings to the element of light. A visual essay in the middle of the magazine brings a series of photographs of those readings. 

Three lectures were promoted, which were recorded and played in video format at the exhibition. In Quando o Sol Sobe à Cabeça [When the sun hits the head] hairdresser Ray Teixeira, discussed the chemistry of blondness. In A Aurora da Vida [The dawn of life] pediatrician Tânia Felix sees birth as an arrival to light. And in A Luz da Empresa no Interior do Indivíduo [The light of the enterprise inside the individual] businessman Hélcio Padrão discusses the light of a Company being the inner light of its workers. 

Inside the library an installation took the form of book covers for a 24-volume collection. The Boletim Pluviométrico reveals in its outside the content from within another volume from the library, a picture and the word Vagalume [firefly], reminding of a world outside the closed library.

[2005] Magazine, various authors [56 pages, high quality laser print on coated paper, edition of five]. Installation: four exemplars of "Luciana"; video with lectures [20’]; poster; collection of 24 book covers [color printed on laserfilm].

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