StoneStatements Editions

The project StoneStatements Editions departs from the interrogation of how to see stones and rocks as components of Earth’s life, belonging to an overall living system, despite the fact that they may seem “lifeless” and extractable. It takes the form or the gesture of an editorial concept that acts like a “geomediator” and it is launched with the announcement of five book titles. These are all imagined, wished for, and suggested, to be developed, carrying relevant questions to be further elaborated and debated about humans’ relationships to stones. The announcements are photographs of book covers-posters-manifests. 

I propose a “re-signification” of stones and rocks – be they in form of gravel, mountains, or even less monumental landmarks – transforming the way they are seen as lifeless objects of extraction without agency. “StoneStatements Editions” aims to solicit a debate, encouraging ideas which problematize our relationship to stones and minerals at large, and allow these problematic relationships to emerge to the public and become visible. 

Although the initial aim of the project is to propose questions on books covers, their title-statements outline potential inquiries that can lead to collective writing. It is not an entirely fictive editorial project, as the first collective publication is available at

Sneak preview Biennale:

[2021] “StoneStatements Editions”: Five photographs 1,75x1,35m; Newspaper ‘Manifestations’ [64 pages on newsprint paper, single copy filmed in video [00:02:15], e-book [A Vocabulary of Proximity, 2021, org. Mabe Bethônico, texts by Alan Bogana, Anika Schwarzlose, Anne-Sarah Huet, A Published Event [Justy Phillips & Margaret Woodward], Brian D. McKenna, Christian Kosmas Mayer, Christophe Rey, Daniela Zappi, Edwin Gnos, Eric Maeder, Guilherme Mansur, Ignacio Acosta, Ismaela Zrydaoré, Luísa Azevedo, Mabe Bethônico, Marcos Reigota, Masha Ru & Alain Chaney, Mônica Meyer, Monika Bakke, Nicolas Crispini, Quentin Lazzareschi, ὑφή, Wellington Cançado, Simone Cortezão, Xavier Ribas].