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Cadernos Minerarios

A collection of images was compiled from extracts taken from an early publication on mining, De Re Metallica, a landmark treatise on the history of mining and metallurgy. The book embraces diverse subjects related to practical mining and smelting — from ore extraction and processing, mechanical engineering and ventilation, to accounts of the diseases prevalent amongst miners, along with the means of preventing them. The book could be found at mine entrances, where it often hung from chains, making instructions available. It is illustrated with over 270 woodcuts that provide detailed descriptions of mining operations.

To construct the Cadernos, the human figures represented in the elaborate illustrations of the book were cutout and regrouped in categories according to the actions in which they are apparently engaged: tying, turning, walking, eating, heating up, carrying etc. This gathering constitutes a mapping of the body in its efforts and movements observed in the mining work. Based on this initial classification other dispositives have been produced, in form of posters and installations.

[2005] Wooden box with 44 volumes, number of pages varied [laser print on Sulfite paper 90 grs. 38x27x52 cm, binding with titles in relief]. Organised in alphabetic order, separated by wood or perspex tabs. Derived in various installation formats.

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