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The series is composed by five photographs of texts containing cutout parts. The texts are descriptions of photographs belonging to a mining company, which due to restriction could not be shown. They belong to a large multinational enterprise which keeps an archive of photos taken weekly of its activities taking place in Minas Gerais. A geologist was invited to record descriptions of a selection of these images, smuggled out by a photographer working for the company. From the transcribed recording, where the geologist often minimised the destruction of the landscape taking place, parts were cut out, constructing an interrupted speech that emphasized the impossibility of sharing the visual documents. The remaining texts reveal impressions of colors, depth of the excavations, amounts of earth extraction, organization of the space within the large holes made in the landscape. The more subjective reflections were taken out, as they minimise the implications on health and environment in the name of economic activity and labor.

[2012] Five posters [mineral pigment printed on cotton paper, 60x90 cm each]. One poster printed for free distribution [offset print].

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