Mineral Elite

For the exhibition Meta-Arquivo, the project Mineral Elite raises the issue of the role of the mining industry during the Brazilian military regime of 1964-1985. What was its influence and which political interests were at stake? To answer these questions, still not approached by publications, the artist has collaborated with researcher Ana Carolina Reginatto Moraes while she developed her doctoral theses on the theme [“A ditadura empresarial-militar e as mineradoras (1964-1988)”, UFRJ]. Two videos were edited as classes about the subject, supported by an installation with documents.

(text under edition)

[2019] in Collaboration with Victor Galvão and Ana Carolina Reginatto.
“Class 1 & Class 2” [15”aprox. each]. voice: Ana Carolina Reginatto, video editing by Victor Galvão, audio editing by Jalver Bethônico. Photographs ... Two facsimiles of historical study booklets/ programme Viver é Lutar and publication  "Perguntar é Saber".  Photographs by Julio Kohl .

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